LIVEmercial Influencer

Powered by celebrities

“80% of marketers find influencer marketing effective.”

Build trust and credibility with your audience.

LIVEmercial Influencer is a hybrid of old and new marketing tools, taking the idea of celebrity endorsement and placing it into a modern-day, content-driven, marketing campaign.

Increase your brand’s reach.

Have you ever purchased something because a well-known person you admire used the product or service? That's influencer marketing and strategies focused on branding or engagements generate 8x ROI. Today 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations for their purchase decisions.

Influencers who love your brand.

With over 400,000 influencers in our database, across all major channels, we can handle programs of any size or complexity.

YouTubers who drive high engagement.

A Google case study showed that YouTubers have the ability to drive higher levels of engagement and relatability while also driving purchases — “60% of viewers assessed would buy from their favorite YouTuber over a celebrity.”

Goodbye Infomercials.

Hello LIVEmercials!

Celebrity influencer marketing integrates seamlessly with the new LIVEmercial Mobile Infomercial Platform. Powered by the innovators of digital direct response (DDR).

In-App Influencer Shopping.

Tagged products in posts lead to a checkout page where users can purchase items right within the app.