Introducing the mobile infomercial

Modern, mobile landing pages powered by video.
Make the pitch or show your demonstration.

As Seen On, Seen Vertically

Introducing the world's first mobile infomercial. LIVEmercials are mobile landing pages that are powered by video and vertically produced to seamlessly transition from TV, social media, or in-app ads, to a mobile-first point of sale that is in the hands of every consumer.

Selling the mobile video way.

Until now, most videos produced for the mobile screen required the user to rotate the screen, open a new window or app to view the video and leave the call to action behind and out of view. The LIVEmercial platform is different because vertical video can be viewed in a normal mobile orientation. Call to actions, live responses, and more integrate directly into every video leading to more user engagement and higher conversions.
Tell the story with playlists.
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Your mobile conversion machine.

Sell something. Generate leads. Register guests. Gather donations and more.

At its core, LIVEmercial provides the world's most powerful mobile conversion machine. Whether you need to generate sales, leads, registrations, or gather donations, each LIVEmercial is built with real-time AI upsell funnels that capture more results and revenue per customer.

Powerful mobile ecommerce engine.

AI Upsell technology captures the highest revenue per order.
Most mobile ecommerce solutions convert at only 1% or less, but a LIVEmercial converts over 20X more sales thanks to its advanced ecommerce engine.

Instant lead-generation machine

Start two-way text converstations with your new customer.
Videos attract 300% more traffic and super qualified leads. And now with LIVEmercial's new two-way SMS platform, your leads get the instant response they desire. The days of complicated lead forms and emails are gone. In its replacement is a powerful chat engine that creates a flood of leads. Giving you instant access to their mobile number and a more natural way of closing the deal.

RSVP for events and webinars.

We’re obsessed with boosting conversion rates.
Centered around our mobile-first LIVEmercial video technology, 97% of event attendees say explainer videos helped them understand the business better which directly converted to a higher quality lead. Integrated maps, calendars, and geo-location work in perfect harmony to ensure clear and effortless registrations. LIVEmercial resets the standard for online registration.

Gather donations

Raise More. Work Less.
Raising more money from your political donors is now easy with the LIVEmercial platform. Socially data-driven with real-time views, registrations, likes – even the ability to leave comments or ask questions directly in one platform, your donors will always be engaged and ready to leave donations.

And much more...